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"The arts reflect the sophistication and enlightenment of all societies, and the Central Valley finds a treasure in the Bach Children's Choir program. These young people receive extraordinary training that is not only vital to their development as well-rounded citizens, but is crucial to the cultural growth of our metropolitan area."

-- Dr. Anna Hamre
Former Director of Choral Activities, California State University, Fresno
Artistic Director, Fresno Community Chorus Master Chorale and Coro Piccolo

Past Events

Musical Journeys
15th Anniversary Concert

15 years
The Bach Children’s Choir celebrated 15 years of making music through young voices. We have traveled to many destinations through our music, as well as through travel itself. This concert took our audience on a musical journey to various destinations, celebrating and travelling the world through song.
Musical Journeys

10th Anniversary Concert
Anniversary Concert

It was wonderful to celebrate our 10th Anniversary incorporating our alumni ... honoring the past while we look to the future. The concert featured the premiere of the commissioned song, A Song With You composed by Kevin Memley and text by Ana Quiring
Click for link to song

Benefit Concert with Fresno Pacific for the Community Food Bank. For every dollar donated, the Community Food Bank can provide $8 worth of food for families in Fresno, Madera and Kings Counties.

Feed Fresno
Over $1600 raised - Thank you for your generosity!

Youth Chorale Oregon Tour - PICCFEST
(Pacific International Children's Choir Festival) [link]

SING OUT for Haiti!
Benefit Concert with Fresno Pacific for the Small Voice Orphanage

Sing Out for Haiti
$2430 raised for the Small Voice Orphanage.
Thank you for your generosity!

Race for the Cure - opening for the Susan G. Komen annual race Race for the Cure
Summer Music Camp
Summer Camp 2009 - for more information about this fun educational opportunity click here.
La Boheme - with the Fresno Grand Opera
 La Boheme
Christmas on Van Ness
Christmas on Van Ness - with the Fresno Grand Opera